This page was last updated on: August 4, 2021
Exciting News!!!!
All black litter due mid
Sept. 2021
contact us for all the details and please take the time to fill out our

Upcoming Breeding's & Available Puppies 

Here at Kani & Wilken Dobermans

Our goal as a breeder is simple, to maintain the integrity of the breed.
All of our breedings are from quality health tested parents. We raise our puppies in the house under foot with all the daily rigors of life. Constantly keeping a watchful eye on how they are developing both mentally and physically, this plays an important role on how we get to know our babies on such a personal level. In addition they receive lots of socialization by way of family and friends.

Alot of thought goes into our breedings, however all living beings are fallible despite our best efforts, so that is why we offer a 3yr. written health guarantee for the know genetic diseases prone to Dobermans.

While we show and also breed for that very purpose, no matter the reason you seek a puppy from us they are first and foremost a companion.
In determining who is show or pet quality we evaluate our litters for structure to determine their strengths and weaknesses starting around 5wks on through to 8wks we then have a better idea where each puppy would best be suited for, such as the in the conformation ring, obedience, agility or just hanging out on the couch.

Our puppies come surgically complete, meaning tails and dewclaws are done in addition ears will be cropped, stitches removed and started taping before they are ready to go on to their new homes. They will also be wormed and vaccinated accordingly.

If for any reason you can't keep your dog we will take them back during their lifetime.